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Welcome to Sorrento

Discover the taste of tradition, for over 30 years we put all our passion in the preparation of typical dishes of Campania cuisine. The Sorrento Restaurant is located in the town of Sorrento, famous worldwide for being the birthplace of numerous artists, poets and musicians, who were inspired by the beautiful views and charming landscapes of this area. . A land of ancient traditions, not least the cuisine, and our restaurant is proud to , to let you taste the best local specialties prepared exclusively with local and seasonal ingredients. Enjoy seafood, homemade pasta, risotto, pizza and much more.

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Our limoncello

Lucky Seven is the official supplier of Limoncello DOP for our restaurant.
A perfect drink after a meal with a dense and delicious taste that remains in your mouth after you drink it while smelling the fragrance of our lemons.
To be served ice cold (you can keep it in the freezer as the high presence of alcohol does not allow it to freeze). Perfect as a gift, to give to others or even better to give it to yourself.

Ristorante Sorrento - Our limoncello